Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flowers, rain and cygnets!

 Last weekend I went to Floriade, a huge free flower festival in Canberra, with the lovely Candace and Andrea (the mastermind behind all these images, thanks chicken!). Though the dreary weather threatened to spoil our time, we made the the best of it and had a very muddy but enjoyable trip!
         Luckily enough, the rain actually enhanced one part of the festival! For the night, Floriade set up a light and sound installation that replicated a "storm for the senses". In a chamber of tall pines, gusts of wind and smoke accompanied crashes of thunder, while LED lights twinkled and flickered down on us. Standing in the middle of the installation was really impressive, I didn't want to leave! Every few minutes the "storm" would end and a song would start. As the music built up, the lights would flash in time, bouncing around and casting different coloured lights upon everyone.
 I love stage smoke and couldn't resist catching some in my umbrella (multiple times!)
 Playing ABBA in the electrical "storm"
 Eerily beautiful flowers in the middle of the night

 We also found.... swans with their adorbale cygnets! Don't mind the strange pose, I was trying to get as close as possible without scaring (or being attacked) by the adults!
More photos to come
Thankyou again Andrea and Candace for the photos and a great trip


Thomas Bergin said...

The storm installation sounds amazing!
Glad you had a good time despite the weather :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

*screams* Cygnets!

Miss Meadows said...

All those flowers, in that light, look amazing! Your umbrella went really well with the background too :)

Emma Robertson said...

What great photos! I adore your coat.


andrea said...

you're very welcome :) thankyou for being an integral part of the trip!
shame my photos came up crappy cos it was hard to manage rain, umbrella and camera but it was still fun :)

p.s. SQUEEEEEEEE the cygnets still make me wanna die from the cuteness! (also thankyou for informing me of their proper name hahaha)

S.L. Gabriel said...

That is a great coat.