Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dancing in the dark (part 1)

Here are the first of the photos of my birthday dinner with friends. Unfortunately, I only got these two blurry pictures (the consequence of being the one who normally takes pictures!), but I really hope some nicer ones will turn up.
 Pumpkin pie!
Erin and I
I wore a 1950's sheer mint-green dress, with velvet white flowers printed all over it.



Ani said...

yay! Happy Birthday! You looked wonderful, I hope you had a good one!

-Ani x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! And oh my God, I love your dress.

Mabel Time

Gabrielle said...

Where do you buy your vintage dresses? This one is absolutely divine. Happy Birthday!

I also love that 40's peach number you wore in your earlier post. The 40's really was a time of ultra glamour. Very befitting for your B-day.

Miss Meadows said...

Happy birthday! I really feel I need to see more pics of that dress your wearing tho! :) I looks amazing!!!

Kate said...

Belated birthday wishes! I really liked the outfit you chose to wear on your birthday.
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