Saturday, November 5, 2011

Errands and Essays

 As the title specifies, but with one important exception.... my wonderful birthday present!

My first sweetheart brooch! If you have not heard of these, they are basically small pins soliders sent home to their girlfriends or mothers when they were off at war. Women wore them to show support for their soilders. Some were created from scrap metal even shells from the battlefields, some were much more expensive, made by top jewellers back home. Ever since I discovered sweetheart brooches I've been enthralled with the history and love they encapture, so when my Mum presented me with my very own WWI pin I was overjoyed! A perfect 21st present.

Love x


w.s said...

awwww that is so sweet! she knows you well :) i'm glad it made you happy :D

Thomas Bergin said...

So it's an authentic one, or a replica?
pretty nifty!

Penny Dreadful said...

What a lovely gift. Happy birthday! x

AngeliqueDama said...

You're really beautiful:D Love your hairstyle:PP
Hugs and kisses

Renata said...

What a lovely post! Glad you had a good birthday xx

Gabrielle said...

It would be so nice to know the exact story behind this pin (the person it was intended for and if the soldier made it home safely). I bet it has a rich history. That is why I love vintage. You are caring on someone else's history and adding your own into the mix. Thanks for sharing.


Miss Meadows said...

Happy birthday! Haven't heard about those brooches before. How lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, what a beautiful post. How romantic of mum to have found one for you and I couldn't agree more with Gabrielle in saying how gorgeous it would be to discover (or invent) the story behind this piece! Hope you had an amazing birthday :)

Nicolette xox