Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Between exams, infections, house-sitting, computer malfunctions and birthdays I have been neglecting this blog. To make amends, I present you with some photos from my family birthday dinner. (This was actually why I missed Old Hat's November meet-up, here's hoping they have another in December! If you are a Sydney vintage lover, I'd love to see you there too!)
We went to Firefly, a small but absolutely superb wine and tapas bar in Walsh Bay. I personally love the concept of Tapas, perhaps because I love sampling small portions of everyones meals, but more so, because I love the sharing and experimenting it encourages! The best dishes of the night were the Calamari Fritti with aioli and fresh lemon (so tender) and the Haloumi with watermelon, almonds and mint (salty, sweet and fresh all at once). I highly recommend Firefly, it's always delightful and the Spanish Roulette (a bowl of identical chilli's except some are mild and some are frightfully hot) is hilarious!
My "peachy" cocktail (Bulldog gin, Cointreau, lime juice, peach & vanilla syrup) and I
I wore a 1940's dress and hat, along with patterned lace tights and black leather belt and heels.

 My family and James (I love his new haircut, so sauve!)
 My brother and I, practicing our model faces (see below!)
 Daniel is doing Blue steel and I'm doing Magnum
 The wind required a hair change half way through the night, luckily veils can serve as handy snoods!

Thank you for a beautiful birthday!
(expect a few more birthday related posts from my dinner party with friends!)


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You are so stunning. Every pic I see you in, you blow every other person in the shot out of the water. Not to say they are ugly, just that you are so lovely to look at my eye is just drawn to you.

Also, I hat a severe case of hat-envy.

Emma Robertson said...

It looks like such a lovely time! I adore your hat, it's completely wonderful.


mary van note said...

I never thought to use a veil as a snood. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Your absence is totally forgiven seeing as you had your splendid birthday dinner - hopefully we'll meet at the December Old Hat. We'll be having a picnic one Saturday in December. I believe it'll be in Newtown, and Molly has promised lanterns. It'll be either the 10th or 17th, so perhaps FB us your preference if you have one.

Also, what a majestic hat!