Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lazy Halloween

Halloween falls at a very inopportune time, taunting me as I attempt to study for my exams and final assessments! So, I do apologise, this my post is rather lack-lustre. However, I did try to put in a meager effort for the Annual Bone Hunt at a family friend's house. This is a treasure hunter's dream, a step above your childhood fancies. Think 35 minutes of careful hunting for tiny glowing skeletons, burried bones, black bats, witches fingers and one highly valued miniscule coffin! Imagine racing around an elaborate pitchblack garden lit only by glowing pumpkins and your own tiny torch. Picture 20 adults running around like lunatics and then.... see me win!!!
Unfortunately, I was so caught up in my victory I forgot to take any photos of the spectacular, but rest assured, next year you shall be blown away.

Glow in the dark stockings

Things that go groping in the night!

Glow-in-the-dark hair piece

How was your halloween?
Love x


Emma Robertson said...

Ohh that sounds like such fun! I just love your hair piece!


Anonymous said...

I love you spider web stuff! Did you make them? I really dig the tights a lot.

Mabel Time

Anonymous said...

Ooh wow, what a fabulous headpiece!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

What a ravishing damsel in distress.

LOL re the bone hunt - sounds fun. I would tackle people for their bones.

Hannah said...

Gorgeous hair piece, you look lovely x

Anonymous said...

I miss those Halloween treasure hunts :( Didn't you win the year before?!