Monday, November 21, 2011

Where did you come from, where did you go?

Sorry for the radio silence, life has been both busy and boring for most of Novemeber but now I'm on holidays I hope to spice things up and keep this blog rolling! Here's a quick look at my first few days of summer holidays.

 Sometimes cooking is a success, sometimes you learn something. I learnt something with this recipe...
Always add more gelatine
This was a homemade wild-berry and blancmange (milk) jelly. My very first blancmange! I followed Bompas and Parr's recipe in their Jelly book, but to no avail... I think some of the explanations are lost in translation; is there an internationally agree upon gelatine leaf size?
How ever long I left this jelly it just refused to set and when turn out it looked lovely for a few seconds, before promptly splitting into two, three and then many more pieces! Oh well...
Bompas and Parr's Jelly book is worth the purchase purely for their language and novelty! I just hope I can mimic their jelly mongering mastery one day.

 More food!
I bought my first macarons from Adriano Zumbo as a post-exam treat. Aren't they beautiful?
Clockwise starting with the yellow it was Passionfruit-mango, Raspberry Caramel, Hot Chocolate (milk chocolate, cinnamon & chilli), Caramelised pumpkin seeds and another Hot Chocolate.
My favourites were the passionfruit and raspberry caramel, both were bursting with flavour. Cola was interesting, but not a favourite and hot chocolate was not my taste at all. I prefer my chocolate chilli free!

 Definately a great first macaron experience!

In less food related news but still in the kitchen, I'm house-sitting for a few weeks in the most amazing house. Have a quick look at the yellow kitchen!

 Excuse the crazy eyes, I realised I'm quite out of photographic practice... Plus, I have new appreciation for bloggers with cats!
 Mmm hair!

 Photo time!

There are collections of coloured glass bottles in scattered throughout the house, I absolutely adore the orange and yellow in the kitchen.
What have you been doing?


Thomas Bergin said...

House looks amazing!
Jelly still looks delicious!
Jelly of the macarons ;)

Esz said...

Oh I love your dress - it's so pretty :-))

Heheh blogging with cats is a challenge. They always want in on your photos....and get fur everywhere. I change when I get home so my good clothes dont get covered in fluff.

That house looks totally amazing too!

Miss Meadows said...

Hm...Are there actually bloggers who DOESN'T have at least one cat?...I'm starting to wonder... ;)

Mrs.M said...

Great for trying your first gelatine.
I have found if you use a cold dish whether it be glass or metal tends to help set the gelatine and you will always need more than the recipe calls for.
hope that helps!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I was wondering where you'd got to. That first pic is divine. A) You look gorgeous, B) I love your kitchen C) I LOVE YOUR CAT!


Anonymous said...

You look so pretty, I love your dress! And your jelly looks quite good and that kitty is adorable. She looks like one of mine :)

Mabel Time


Oh lord, that dress is