Monday, December 12, 2011


 I'm back home now.  Finished house-sitting and said goodbye to my first meowing house-mate (which was actually a lot sadder than I expected, I understand now how people get cat-addicted seeing as I started out quite the dog lover and now find myself missing my purring companion). Before I left I took a few photos of some of the collections this house held, and I do mean "some". A few pictures really don't do these collections justice but I thought you would all enjoy a tiny taste.
My family used to call me a hoarder. I'd desperately cling onto the meekest possessions (even, shamefully, happy meal toys) for years until my big sister would be called in to raid my closets and drawers, and create order from the chaos.
Today, I hope some things have changed (though a quick scan tells me my messiness still triumphs).
 I dream of a day when Imy meager bits become collections, that I proudly display in a house full of colour and small surprises; a homely museum on its day off.

Do you have any collections? Are they on display or locked away?


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I collect teacups, they are in like a kind of bookshelf so the pets can't smash them.

I collect vontage dresses and hats.

And I collect bloody pets! They are everywhere.

Brianna said...

I collect books, obscure facts, and those purple shells. Teacups make lovely candles...The top picture of painted eggs is beautiful!

Miss Maple said...

I have a lot of collections and I would have even more if I had the space:blue, green, yellow, red and orange glass; yellow china; leave plates; deers; fruit ceramic ware; amber jewellery; hats; ...
Hugs from Germany!