Monday, November 5, 2012


Thank you for all your kind comments over the past few months. Last week I handed in my thesis, attended a Cavalcade vintage fashion presentation and turned twenty-two! I'd love to write more about the Cavalcade (it really deserves its own post!) and show you more photos but unfortunately my computer has crashed and I have one last essay to write. Instead I'll leave you with these two photos I did manage to save and upload.
This is what I wore on my birthday to the Cavalcade presentation on "The Art of the Cut: 1930's evening gowns". It is a late 1930's or early 1940's lace illusion gown. Not only is it black lace (swoon) but it features the most amazing exaggerated hips. With drapes like those it's near impossible not to strut. 
We found this beautiful car, by complete chance, parked in a nearby street and decided to take advantage of the perfect photo opportunity. I'm not sure what the owner must have thought...
I'm holding a birthday present (from me to me...) an Elgin powder compact. The front features silhouettes from different fashion eras, from Egyptian to Victorian, as well as a 1920's Flapper! I think it is from the late 40's or early 50's as the etching on the front doesn't show the typical Dior new look (presumably because it hasn't been seen yet). Coincidentally, after I bought the compact I read this Dita Von Teese interview via pocketvenus and if you have a look at the sixth photo... ta-da!! Not too shabby! (Also, let's all have a collective sigh at the beauty of Dita's home!)
I'd love to learn more about this compact, so if anyone has any information or knowledge on vintage compacts, please let me know in the comments below!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dealing with Stress

Hello there you wonderful gherkins,
The reason I haven't been around (and that my posts have been a little lack-lustre) is because I am in the final weeks of my university degree and along with some large serves of anxiety I have been given a substantial side-order of stress. While I am by no means an expert on dealing with tough times, I thought I would share what I've found to be the most beneficial techniques for me to reduce stress but still actually get something done.

  • Candles. This sounds rather strange but a deliciously scented candle on my desk has helped make my productive time a little less soul-destroying and a bit more fruity and fresh. Not only does it smell nice (duh!) it helps reinforce when I ought to be working and when I deserve a break. Lighting the candle signifies getting down to bussiness. (In a let's-write-something kind of way not in the Flight-of-the-Conchords kind of way... though candles are also nice for that too.... *shifty eyes*... anyways!) Here are two of my favourites:


  • Light. Sunlight that is! Getting outside and enjoying that good ol' melanoma-inducing sunlight is proven to lift spirits and quite frankly, though many of us love a porcelian complexion, it doesn't mean we should abandon our outdoory ways (after all no-one wants to be mistaken for a twi-hard). Go outside, get some vitamin D! Just try to avoid the hours with the hightest UV so before 11 and after 4pm.

  • Exercise. If you know me, you know I don't like exercise. It's not that I don't want to, it's not that I wont, I just don't get the kick out of it that some people do. I find it boring and quite frankly, if I had an hour to spare I'd rather watch the newest Downton Abbey/Bones/HIMYM/Grey's/Big Bang Theory/Castle/Sherlock/Black Books/Pushing Daisies/there-you-now-know-some-of-my-dirty-television-secrets-and-believe-me-I-could-go-on. However, for all my indifference and exercise annoyance we all know the benefits, we all know we need to be doing it and when you do you get that fun side-effect of being just a tad smug to anyone else who hasn't.
Plus if you are a particular pessimist like me, exercise has the added bonus of being something else to be angry at. No longer do you have to cringe at your poorly structured sentences or horrific grammar!! Refer your anger to that steel enemy: the cross trainer.

If you need extra incentive, try my top-secret strategy.
Pretend you are a superhero (or villian if that's your cup-o-tea) and kick some ass.
I call it... Avengersize.

In my head I am part Black Widow, part Aragorn, folded with 007 and sprinkled with a touch of Sherlock (Robert Downey Jr or Cumberbatch, whatever takes your fancy *cough both cough*)
  • Swear. I didn't use to curse much (I am a lady after all; A laaaaady!), then I started my honours course. This is not for everyone, but sometimes it does make you feel better.

Well, that's all from me for now, some of us have work we need to pretend to do.
Do you have tips for de-stressing?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mystery Tapas

A few weeks ago my chap treated me to a mystery dinner date!
We ended up at a lovely Tapas bar with cocktails, meatballs and cheese! Bliss!

 Being the super classy lady I am, I decided I should wear my fairy-floss as a moustache. Charming, no?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Odds and ends...

Hey lovelies,
Here are some random photos I found on my Mr's phone!
Earlier in the year before Love Never Dies (the Phantom of the Opera sequel)
And below, some photos from a night out a few months ago. (Excuse the occasionally-bizarre faces, more often than not my chap takes pictures while I'm half-way through getting ready!)

To boa or not to boa?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fifties fair {part three}

Being silly with Nicolette!


Fifties fair {part two}

I'm afraid this post is mostly pictures and few words because quite frankly, I've had enough of words lately! (Plus, that's the way... ah-huh ah-huh you like it, ah-huh ah-huh)
 I found this hilarious promotional recipe book! 
 I love that there are rules to enjoying mustard! My favourite rule is rule number 2!

I seem to have spun so fast I've lost half an arm... 

There are loads more photos, but I fear you've seen enough of my posing for a day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fifties fair {part one}

Hey pickles,
It's been a busy few weeks but luckily I was able to attend the annual Fifties Fair at Rose Seidler House! It was my first time attending and I must say, it was quick the spectacle! Swing dancing, vintage shops and a wild atomic house! 
Here's some of the photos from the day (and my very first gif!)

More to come!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eccentric pickles {instagram collection}

Some recent photos from my instagram account eccentricpickles
 All rugged up
 Some Old Hat drawings
Getting ready for a mystery dinner date with my chap

Home-made marshmallows and honeycomb!

Fifties fair essentials!

Do you have an instagram account?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Evening with our designers

Snapped by the paparazzi! Photo from

Earlier in the week I went to The Strand Arcade's "Evening with our designers" (including Manning Cartell, Alex Perry, Lisa Ho and Gorman) to celebrate and promote the launch of their 2012 Spring/Summer collections.

Tying the night together was a sort of Indian safari feel with orange, pink and white flowers draped over the balconies and free bindhis.
I went with my ever charming friend Nicolette (who I can thank for all the nights photos) and we indulged ourselves with free Chandon champage and mini macarons! We even got our picture taken by the press! (see first photo)

The Strand Arcade is a beautiful Victorian building complete with a specially tinted glass roof. It's worth a visit for the architecture alone.

Cue dress
Wittner shoes
Glomesh bag (thrifted)
1940's feather tilt hat (etsy)
White wool cloak (melbourne)

Oh and I'm now on instagram as well as facebook! My username is eccentricpickles
Until next time,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Belated Jubilee Fun

Hi there pickles,
Another amazing Old Hat event, another chance to be delighted by lovely people and beautiful clothes!
Check out Like Johnny and June's post for pictorial awesomeness! And head to Emma aime for royal kitten cuteness!

 The amazing Laurel treated us with many many snacks and scrummy punch. Here was my contribution to the royal party: A Pimms Union Jack cake with cucumber and mint icing plus strawberry-orange jam.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Short hair set

Whenever I'm in need of a change, my hair is under attack. While I didn't go for the drastic Louise Brooks bob this time (maybe in a few months), I did get my hair cut much shorter.

I know last time I got my hair cut a few of you were keen to see what it look like without any styling, so here you are!
Note: This time, I did not get my hair cut in a "middy" exactly. Instead I asked for a short cut, with a "U" back and framing around the face. As usual, I specified no razoring the ends and told them how I prefer to style my hair. On my left side I had it cut slightly shorter, into a longish "fringe" which I like to curl.
From this... to this!

And here's how!
As my hair is very resistant to curls I find a cold (wet) set is the only way to get lasting vintage styles.
By gum, By golly's late 30's/early 40's sponge roller set is the best tutorial I've seen that demonstrates how to roll and set your hair using rollers. Though I didn't use her exact set I follow many of the same steps, such as waiting till my hair is damp (not wet), using a setting product and rolling my hair in a similar direction.
There are many differences between By gum, By golly's set and mine but some of the most significant are:
  1. I do not push the rollers down as she does in her last step. This is because for my hair style I want lots of body and don't want the flat crown she is aiming to achieve in hers.
  2. I do not use her trick for preventing dents with sponge rollers, instead I use velcro rollers for the topmost layer of curls.
  3. I attempt to roll my curls on base, not off base. (notice I said attempt. I don't always suceed!)

Another hair set that's similar to mine is Snoodlebug's pageboy hair set.

Size of rollers
I used larger rollers at the crown of my head for two reasons.
Firstly, I don't have enough smaller ones and secondly I was going for a smooth set, where the larger curls end up almost "cupping" the smaller ones. The aim was to have all my hair ending in a similar place to form a smooth roll.

In the extremely messy diagram above I've tried to breifly illustrate the basic setting pattern I used.
I try to roll most of the rollers on base, especially the ones in section 2 and the tops of section 1 & 3. I do this to ensure I get as much body as possible at my roots.
Section 1 and 3 cascade down the head. When brushing out, I start with the sides and back to get a nice round "roll" or "curve". The back of my hair mimics the sides.
Section 2 goes straight back along my part. This includes my shorter hair/fringe section.  As you can see in the photo below, the hair in section 2 stands up more than the other sections. When brushing out, I often leave the hair from the first 2 or 3 rollers in this section till the end.

Once my hair is in the rollers I leave it until it is dry. For this set I rolled my hair in the morning and let it set for 5-6 hours before getting ready that night. Note: it must, must be dry! Otherwise all your hard work will be wasted.

Here's my hair straight out of the curlers. I've had to lighten this photo considerably to show the details, so don't be too alarmed by my pale face!

Below is my hair after I've brushed it out and set it with some hairspray. It's not perfect, but for a first attempt (after my hair cut and with this new shorter length) I think I did alright! I did film the brushing out of my hair, but it's very poor quality and extremely boring. However, if enough of you would like to see it I will try to fix it up and post it for reference. I hope in the future I can borrow a video camera and film a good quality tutorial.

The mirror photos were taken once I'd got home, as you can see some of my set has dropped and fallen out. More hair-spray next time!

Questions and comments encouraged!