Sunday, January 8, 2012

Suit Up!

In an ideal world, when I put on a suit, I'd look like this...
Sophisticated yet sexy

So when the occassion called for it (a dear friends "Suit up! How I Met Your Mother Party"), I gave it a go! What do you think?
Though the reality is quite different to the ideal, I'm still quite chuffed with the effect.

Conversing about an important merger
I think it "suited" us quite well! :P
Love x


AngeliqueDama said...

Beautiful! You combined the tie very well! And this Dita Von Teese outfit is adorable:D

Bette on Toast said...

Very cute, and impressive lipstick-to-tie matching skillz!

Kate said...

You look great :) And what a cute tie!

Anonymous said...

You look so adorable. Is that How I Met Your Mother as in the show??

Mabel Time

Lauren said...

Suit up! Love Barney!

I just came across your blog, its pretty cute! I like the style of your posts, and you're a babe!


Mens Black Suits said...

You look great in that dress. I like your dot design of tie.

Erin said...

Just having a stalk on my train ride home :) another photo I had forgotten about! So blonde!