Monday, January 9, 2012

To each and every reader....

Warning: This post is very word heavy but there's a treat for those who make it to the end!

Over the holidays I found I had 50 followers!
Meep!!! (that's an excited squeel for those interested)
(Unfortunately the number's now dropped to  49, but still...)
This calls for celebration!
Without my readers, this blog would be nothing. In all honesty, I read each and every comment and while I'm yet to find the best way to reply to them all (please give me suggestions, a lá Little Red Squirrel), I do want to say thank you! Everytime I get an email telling me there's a comment I get a delighted thrill and it really does make my day, so thank you, thank you, thank you!
 I can't say it enough!

So, I dedicate this post to my followers and regular readers!
First of all, I thought this would be a nice chance to let you get to know each other as I answer every question or comment I've left floating in the wind.

Mabel : Yes it was a How I Met Your Mother tv-show themed party! The birthday boy dressed himself as Maverick from Top Gun (one of Barney's Halloween costumes) Thank you so much for constantly supporting me and commenting, I really, really appreicate it!
Kate : Thank you for being such a wonderful supporter! You are the first to give me a blog award and I'm still yet to blog about it (sorry!) but I was so overly thrilled to receive it, thank you!
Angelica :  Thank you for noticing the tie/lipstick combo, I was a little pedantic about matching it :P
Fran : Thank you! I have now just discovered your blog and it's exquisite! Those 1960's brooches make me swoon!
Danielle : Happy birthday! I'm glad to find a hat-loving comrade!
Miss Meadows : Thank you for introducing me to pinupmania You are completely right, that Vargas picture deserves an equally seductive boudoir.
Jess : Better late than never, I suppose! I really admire your blog, it is so very chic!
Nicolette : You are a constant support and source of inspiration for me. Keep being beautiful and I really do hope we can meet up soon. Thank you for being your stunning self and one of my most loyal readers.
Lady Cherry : Thank you for a wonderful comment and for leading me to your excellent blog! Great advice for the 50's hair!
Kailey : Thank you for following, I adore your latest make-up look! You've nailed it and made me want to time-travel back to the 60's.
Miss Tallulah Porkchop : Thank you for writing wonderful posts, for sharing inspirational pictures and adorable pugs, but most of all, thank you for all the support and kindness this year. You've done so much to my confidence and happiness, so thank you ever so much!
A Vintage Revival : I love your use of colour, so bold and beautiful, Thank you for the comments!
w.s. : My ever-adoring-even-when-it's-not-deserved, sweetest friend. Thank you for helping me create this blog and for taking the most amazing pictures. You are the first to offer support in times of trouble and also the first to congratulate and appluad any triumph. Thank you so, so much!
Mistress Catgirl : Thank you for the wonderful comments!
Quincy : Thank you for being a blogger who inspired me for months before I started blogging, and who now continues to amazing each and every week. A comment from you means a lot to me, so thank you very much!
Emma Robertson : An amazing girl with dreamy photographs, you are one of the most beautiful bloggers out there. Thank you for commenting, I'm eagerly awaiting your wedding as I'm sure it'll be perfect!
Brianna : Thank you for commenting!
Hannah : Thank you for your comments and your wonderful blog, I love the recent pictures from Pandora and the Flying Dutchman!
Little Kiss : Your flat, your clothes, your style... Lovely! Thank you for commenting!
Amber Rose : Your story about cooking Harry Potter style is so cute! I can just imagine you all trying to whip up a butterbeer! Thank you for the smiles!
Michelle : Thank you for creating Old Hat! I had a splendid time and I can't wait for the next event!
Gabrielle : Your clothes and style is incredible! I buy most my dresses online (though to be honest I have very few authentic dresses, most are modern knock-offs styled in a vintage way). Your blog is wonderful, I regularly stop by!
Ani : Thank you for letting me enjoy your beautiful blog, you take the most beautiful photos.
Mary Van Note : Thank you for the comment!
Chris : yes, KHAT!!! though... *sad face*  no cat now... Thank you for dropping in and having a browse!
Thomas : My constant online companion, thank you for so much! This blog owes a lot to your dedication and care, as do I.
Mrs M. : Thank you for the gelatine tips, I really appreciate it! I'm excited to see Will Cotton on your blog, he's fantastic!
Esz : Your sewing skills amaze me, well done on the 60's dress!
Lisa : No, last year was the first time I won the Halloween treasure hunt, I narrowly lost the years before. Thank you for the comments and for checking out my blog, what more could a sister ask for?
Leanna Kay : I love how you combine modern with vintage, you have wonderful style. Also, your songs are lovely!
Miss Katie : Thank you for supporting my little blog. I am constantly blown away by your crafty skills and your writing, I am so glad to have found you on the web!
Pull Your Socks Up : Thank you for the support and comments, I really love how you mix all your pieces together to create a individual style!
Renata : Thank you for all the kind comments, I'd love to meet up some time! Your blog is fantastic and you seem pretty darn awesome!
Penny Dreadful : Thank you for giving me a head-start in the blogging world, your weekly round-ups are amazing and I'm always impressed with the time and effort your put into your posts! Many, many thanks!
Sofia : Thank you for the kind comments, your new hair colour is wonderful!
Meanz Chan : thank you for teh comments, your blog is fantastic. The photos make me want to leap through the screen!
Emily & Gracie : Thank you! And my on my, though swimsuit pictures!
Sara C. : Thank you! Socks the cat is so cute!
PuppyLovePrincess : Thank you for the lovely comment, in this post I was wearing Russian Red by MAC
Tasha : I love, love, love your blog! You clearly put so much work into it and you always look amazing. Thank you for commenting, I can't wait to see what else you do in 2012!
Solanah : Thank you for being my biggest vintage inspiration. I followed your blog silently for months before I started blogging and watching you from afar gave me confidence to be myself. Thank you for commenting and for being such an amazing inspiration!
Rhia : For an "evil"dressmaker you are much too kind! Your blog is incredible and you have such style. I really adore what you wore to your "birthday-new years" party!
Llara is the little scribbler : Thank you for the kind comments, your pink satchel is incredible!
Witch hare : thank you for the kind comments!
Colette : Thank you for the comments, your veggie soup with tuna looks so yummy!
hila : Your writing is always so inspirational, I thoroughly enjoy reading each blog entry. Thank you for commenting and supporting my blog, even from very early on, it means a lot to me!
SARAH : Thank you for commenting! Your photos are so dreamy!
goodbadandfab : Thank you for commenting!
Sacramento : Thank you for your sweet comments!
Rosie Alia : I'm loving your blog and style, especially the boots you transformed! Thank you for commenting!
Bette on toast : Thank you for commenting and being so fantastically entertaining! I love following your blog!
Dial V For Vintage : Your blog is stylish, helpful (see hair donut how-to) and overall fantastic! Thank you for commenting!
Ahka Vintage : Thank you for the comment, your photos of Prada, wow!
Karolina : I love your storage for rings, just lovely! Thank you for commenting!
Erin : Thank you for being one of my best friends and supporting me on adn off this blog! For all my eccentricities you've never complained and always made me smile! Can't waitnto see you later in the week!
Candace : Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and support, a comment from you means a lot to me! (not only because you're sweet and cool, but because I think the way you dress is spectacular)
Hilary : Thank you for also following and commenting. It means a lot to me, knowing you are there (especially because you're such a stylish lady!).

If I've missed anyone, I'm profusely sorry, but also very thankful you are reading!

I've decided to do a giveaway!

For all my Australian followers, I have this well-loved 1950's vinyl bag!
(sorry to those overseas, I really couldn't afford the shipping)

As a warning, I will say this bag has seen better days. While I've never actually used it, it must have been adored in a previous life (as is the case with most vintage). It has quite a few rips and ink stains, but it's looking for a new owner and I'd love it to be you!

For my overseas readers, never fear! I have four little trinkets, which I'll keep as a surprise, to give away!

To enter...
  •  You must be a follower or regular reader of this blog (I know who those are)
  • You must comment on this post indicating whether you are local (Australian) or international
  • And, you must leave your name, an email address and/or link to your blog (so I can find you if you win!)
Competition ends January 20.
The winners will be choosen by random!
Good luck!


w.s said...

poor whale shark :(

Esz said...

Oh yay thank you for the mention :-) that's a really special post :-)

Annnd giveaways are fun! You know I'm an Aussie :-D

Jess in Boots said...

Naw, thanks for the mention!

Coveting that bag right now - lucky I'm a local!

Kate said...

What a lovely post for your readers! Thank you so much for mentioning me.

And now I'm rather curious about the surprise trinkets you are giving away. I'm an international reader :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You funny bunny. From where I am standing YOU'RE the inspiring one! You are stunning to look at, have an amazing style, a beautiful wardrobe and you are so fun and interesting. I am sure you have noticed you are on my blogroll and that is reserved strictly for the most fabulous ladies. If you ever fancy pug-sitting, drop me a line. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice post - thanks for the mention! I like reading your blog to see what's going with you, and your outfits! Plus all the pretty pictures (especially the ones of Amber).
Didn't realise you have so many followers - congrats!


Miss Katie said...

That is a glorious post, what a brilliant way to show some love to your readers! Thank you so much for the mention, I'm really happy to have met you through blogging too :)

Anonymous said...

Aww too bad I'm going to miss out on this bag!!! I love your blog! You have the best style. I always want all of your outfits. I'll continue to support it :)

Mabel Time

Harlow Darling said...

Ohhh I'm pretty excited to have found your blog, I love coming across other vintage glamour loving Australian's!
I couldn't find the "follow" option, but I've added you to my reading list :)


Anonymous said...

What a nice post! Even though I'm a really new international follower (and this is my first comment!:) I read it all and enjoyed everything! I'm happy I found your blog, it and you really inspirer me.
<3 <3

Penny Dreadful said...

What a sweet post, I love reading your blog too even though I'm not often able to comment :)

Shannon said...

I've been following your blog from the US for a few months. I tend to be more of a lurker than an active commenter, but I love your blog and your style. Best wishes!