Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A dreary day

It's been a rainy day in Sydney, a day just begging for tea and naked hot cross buns.
Naked, you say? Oh my!

Luckily I have Sherlock to look forward to tonight!
What do you do on rainy days to feel better?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogger brunch!

After much oohhing, ahhing and general vintage chit-chat Renata of Hepcat Vintage and I had our first "friend date". And what better time to get to know your new pal than over brunch?
Here's the pics!
Loving that dress!

Why, that's me!
skirt - originally Supre but thrifted from Vinnies and altered
blouse - gift from my chap's mum
scarf - garage sale
1930's hat - Victory Theatre Antiques Centre in Blackheath
shoes - Jo Mercer

My latest hat! I love the pinwheel ribbon!
All in all, I think our friend-date was quite the success! It was splendid meeting someone new, discussing the "good ol' days"  and just generally getting to know each other. I can't wait to do it again sometime! Thank you Renata for an awesome day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Artist

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, I really appreciate all your kind words as well as simply knowing I am not alone when it comes to social awkwardness. Meanwhile...

Perhaps the title gives it away, but last week I saw The Artist and was blown away. I haven't really been captivated by a film for many years, but The Artist caught me in its web and left my dangling on multiple strands of thought for many days after. Not only is the film simply beautiful to watch, the plot is inspiring, the characters heart-warming and the whole experience, amazing. I cannot recommend it enough.

To top it off, I was lucky enough to see it in the beautiful Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace.
The cinema is began life in 1935 as "Sydney’s only suburban city movie theatre" able to screen both film and live drama productions. Complete with dressing rooms and an orchestra pit, it even held host to the Australian ballet at one time!

Unfortunately, it fell into decay and, after being bought by property developers, was ripped apart to make room for a shopping arcade...

That was until 1986 when one man, Mike Walsh O.B.E.
decided to buy and restore the Orpheum to it's former glory!
 Today, it is a completely unique cinema honouring Art Deco style, and in all honesty, my photos do not do it justice. Take a look below or even better, see it in person!

Thank you to the Orpheum website for all the information on its history.

Street entrance
In the lobby
The box office

Sorry about the blur, this photo was meant to be mostly about the charming chap to the right but unfortunately my camera deleted every other outfit photo from the night, so this is all I have to show! However, if you want some more pictures of the dress, have a look here and here! Just imagine it without the belt and with long black suede gloves instead! (Less 1980's more 1940's)

Inside the cinema
Yep, a red velvet curtain and...
We were even lucky enough to enjoy a little organ serenade pre-show!!!

What an amazing night!
Have you seen The Artist? Or are there any other movies you've seen lately that you adore?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Failure to lunch {A plea to those who know how to make plans stick}

       Too often it seems I met someone and we really get along, but then nothing happens. No I am not talking about anything sleazy, not even anything romantic. What I am talking about is friendship.

       At only 21 it’d be quite tragic to write myself off as un-friendable. In fact, as I’m told countless times by existing friends, family and strangers, my twenties are to be  the “time of my life” in which I’ll met people I’ll “never forget”; people of the “best friends forever” variety. And yet convincingly, I am finding the alternative.
        Sure I do have friends. Most certainly I have a few wonderful people who I adore and who I know love me too, and we have amazing times together. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes wish for a few more.

       It’s not that I don’t meet people that I don’t get along with. Nor is it that they don’t like me (or at least I hope not). What seems to happen most is a chance meeting at uni, a party or even a vintage fair. There’ll be chatting and laughter and much promise, but where do you go from there?

        I’m constantly worried that I am the over-keen person at the party who announces to the group of strangers that they should become facebook “friends” immediately, exchange phone numbers and start planning their trip to Mexico, where they can all buy and exchange their own “friends-forever” bracelets, which they will never, ever, ever take off!

        For a while, in my early uni years, I really think I could have been this person. (Okay, maybe not to such an extent, but I was definitely leaning in that direction)

         So, in fear of being a despererado, I’ve learnt to back off. Yet, this brings it a disappointing silence on the new friend front. Because really, at a large university campus or an annual vintage fair, how often do you bump into the same people? How often do you chance-meet potential friends; enough to establish a nice to-and-fro which takes the urgency and awkwardness out of the can-I-have-your-phone-number conundrum?

         Even when you pass that hurdle, then there’s the first “friend-date” which I have never seemed to master. I always flail around in elaborate planning stages; tip-toeing delicately between obsessed stalker and anti-social hermit. I’m eager for them to know I like them, but equally aware (and afraid) that maybe they don’t feel the same way.

         And if I’ve tackled all these obstacles, saw a friendly face, made contact, established a mutual desire to be in the same room on the same day at the same time in close-ish proximity to talk about whatever it is that bonds us (most likely cheese, pie and vintage apparel), then how to secure the date? AND ensure it all follows through??

        Because in my world, there’s always horribly mundane things like illness, assignments or sick pets to obscure plans. Always. Without a doubt. And they always occur when the plans I’ve made are those where cancelling has so much more significance attached to it than a simple movie night with a long-time friend who's seen you in ragged pyjamas with toothpaste smeared down your chin (please tell me you know what I mean).

So, this leaves me with my current dilemma.

In lieu of better phrasing, how do you move from acquaintance to friend?

How do you ensure your plans succeed?

How do you avoid failure to launch?

And how do you make and keep new friends?

(Note: I hope this post doesn't seem overly depressing or outrageously dramatic, as I assure you am a mostly upbeat person with  just a touch of sarcastic pessimism รก la Bernard Black. However, I would appreciate any advice you can offer on the subject, as I am genuinely curious as to what to do. Or perhaps just some reassurance that I am not completely alone in these feelings.
I would also like to reassure you that I am not some kind of social pariah, but it seems awfullly narcisstic and fraudulent to say so myself, and my chap is currently preoccupied talking to my dog about rum and raisin brownies. *sigh* Oh well, rum and raisin brownie anyone?)


Monday, February 20, 2012


In an egg!!
With raspberry jam in the middle!!!
I know it's a bit early for Easter themed treats, but I was so proud of these I just had to share the photos!

I can't remember where exactly I first saw some photos of similar cake-in-egg recipes (there are many online), so I just took the idea from memory and modifed it for myself.
For the cake in these particular "eggs" I used Donna Hay's madeira recipe. I chose it because it's a relatively firm cake which meant it had the strength to hold up, once the shell was peeled.
As a personalised touch, I pipped either lemon curd or raspberry jam in the centres of each "egg" creating a lovely surprise!

Essentially the method to create these is fairly simple, if a little intricate.
  1. Collect around 20 eggs shells from various recipes (some may be broken along the way, so it's always nice to have spares). When collecting these egg shells it's important to only crack the smallest portion at the top and then gently peel away the shell.
  2. Wash and sterlise your egg shells. I did this by cleaning mine in boiling water and placing them through a dishwasher! Then set aside to dry.
  3. Prepare cake mixture and jam fillings and place in seperate piping bags (I had three: one for jam, one for lemon curd and another for the cake mix)
  4. Extra step! I forgot to do this, but I suggest lightly greasing the insides of each egg with an oil spray.
  5. Pipe the cake mix into the eggs, filling around a third of each egg. (I found placing the shells in a mini-cupcake pan to be really helpful here)
  6. Next pipe a small amount of jam or curd into the centre of each shell
  7. Then pipe the remaining cake mix into each egg, leaving a small gap for the cake to rise into as it cooks (I filled mine till they were about three quarters full, but it's really more trial and error)
  8. Place in the oven and bake according to the recipe you have used. Keep in mind that since these are very small portions, they cook a lot quicker than your average cake! Mine took around 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees. Check using a skewer: when it comes out clean, they're done!
  9. Some eggs may volcano and drip over the sides, never fear! Wait till the eggs have cooled, then get a damp cloth and gently rub away the drips until you have a beautiful clean egg!
Have you cooked anything recently that's blown your mind?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feelin' Fruity

Spent a day with my Mum in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains and on the way we couldn't resist stopping in at Bilpin Fruit Bowl. Just one of the many "big things" that Australia calls a tourist attraction! If you don't believe me, check out this list of "big things" from abalone to worm!
Shorts - Forever New
Shoes - Jo Mercer
Blouse - Asos
I love this birdcage and rose print!

Have you seen any of Australia's "big things"? Do you know of any other countries with this same strange fascination?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

All loved up

I do like the excuse to wear an excessive amount of red!
Pfft, what I am talking about? Can one ever wear too much red?
Shoes- Jo Mercer
Top - Asos
Skirt - Revival (stocked at Myer/Princess Highway stores)
Hair bow - Myer
Bag - gift from Andrea!

Here's what I wore on Febuary 14th!
I'm not a huge "Valentine's day person", I don't hate it or adore it. What I do like is the idea of celebrating those you love in this world. I just think it needn't be limited to this one day, but every day, any time you wish to tell them how awesome they are!
How did you celebrate Valentine's day?

p.s. please excuse any spelling errors etc in this post, I'm writing it whilst intoxicated from an apple cider, an empty belly and stress! Don't judge me! :P

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loving lately { links, tips and inspiration! }

I don't know about you, but I love Penny Dreadful's vintage tips, tutorials and links round-ups; they are a wonderful way to end a week! So, inspired by her comprehensive collection I thought I'd sum up a few things I've found interesting in a post I'm calling "Loving lately".
Let me know what you think and whether you'd like me to make this a regular event!
Plus, please let me know what you are loving lately!

To showcase Louis Vuitton's spring '12 accessories collection, Katie Grand has created an amazing short film with authentic thirties-style synchronized dance moves with big feathers!  Swimming caps have never looked so glamorous!

In a similar vein, why not check out Chanel's Shade Parade nail cabaret?

Elegant Musing's did a wonderful article about thoughts on thrifting

Diary of a Vintage girl did an interesting and inspiring post about what it means to be a "real" woman

Vixen Vintage's bra and bangle organisation

Also by Vixen Vintage, a very helpful and informative series on hats and hat pins including:
And more Hat help from In The Heyday with hat fixings and hat orienteering!

The Pink Retro Powder Room teaches you how to perfect red lips and how to create Liz Taylor date-ready makeup

A great post on how growing up is optional by The Little Red Squirrel

Strawberry Koi rounds-up some romantic Valentine's day hair styles

Retro Chick shows us how to make Hot Mars Bar Vodka!

Ravishingly Retro adds to the discussion on what it means to combine vintage fashion and feminist ideals

Q's Daydream inspires us with:
Juno Barrinton Vintage explains the lingerie cover here and here

A fashion diary from Dita Von Teese, warning it may make you green with envy!

Esme and the laneways provides some useful tips on stress and time management

Tasha from By Gum, By Golly shows us how to fake a good hair day with a beret!

Hasbeen's spring summer 2012 range, with gorgeous forties styling

Harriett from Bright Young Twins is featured in Vogue

Yesterday Girl and Fleur at the Chap Ball looking amazing!
For more inspiration and drool-worthy photos, check out Yesterday Girl's Part one and Part two.

Vixen Vintage's Ladies Luncheon

Michelle from Ravishing Retro and Molly from Molly Made look achingly cute in co-incidentally matching outfits!

Like Johnny and June the cutest couple on the web. He even bought her that stunning wiggle dress!

02.10.12 | outfit: smarties

Weekly Laughs

A Filipino traffic cop who  clearly loves his job!

Yes, I know Christmas is over but I love this video!

Kristen Bell's sloth meltdown: funny, weird but also quite cute.

And finally, a little something for the ladies...

Vintage Ryan Gosling (hosted by Vixen Vintage and why yes, this photo was submitted by me!)

Love x