Monday, February 20, 2012


In an egg!!
With raspberry jam in the middle!!!
I know it's a bit early for Easter themed treats, but I was so proud of these I just had to share the photos!

I can't remember where exactly I first saw some photos of similar cake-in-egg recipes (there are many online), so I just took the idea from memory and modifed it for myself.
For the cake in these particular "eggs" I used Donna Hay's madeira recipe. I chose it because it's a relatively firm cake which meant it had the strength to hold up, once the shell was peeled.
As a personalised touch, I pipped either lemon curd or raspberry jam in the centres of each "egg" creating a lovely surprise!

Essentially the method to create these is fairly simple, if a little intricate.
  1. Collect around 20 eggs shells from various recipes (some may be broken along the way, so it's always nice to have spares). When collecting these egg shells it's important to only crack the smallest portion at the top and then gently peel away the shell.
  2. Wash and sterlise your egg shells. I did this by cleaning mine in boiling water and placing them through a dishwasher! Then set aside to dry.
  3. Prepare cake mixture and jam fillings and place in seperate piping bags (I had three: one for jam, one for lemon curd and another for the cake mix)
  4. Extra step! I forgot to do this, but I suggest lightly greasing the insides of each egg with an oil spray.
  5. Pipe the cake mix into the eggs, filling around a third of each egg. (I found placing the shells in a mini-cupcake pan to be really helpful here)
  6. Next pipe a small amount of jam or curd into the centre of each shell
  7. Then pipe the remaining cake mix into each egg, leaving a small gap for the cake to rise into as it cooks (I filled mine till they were about three quarters full, but it's really more trial and error)
  8. Place in the oven and bake according to the recipe you have used. Keep in mind that since these are very small portions, they cook a lot quicker than your average cake! Mine took around 10-15 minutes at 180 degrees. Check using a skewer: when it comes out clean, they're done!
  9. Some eggs may volcano and drip over the sides, never fear! Wait till the eggs have cooled, then get a damp cloth and gently rub away the drips until you have a beautiful clean egg!
Have you cooked anything recently that's blown your mind?


Anonymous said...

Alright, I don't understand this at all....

I made meatless Swedish meatballs recently and they blew my mind. Mainly because I was certain they were going to be gross lol. But they were awesome!

Mabel Time

Anonymous said...

These look so AMAZINGLY CUTE :D

<3 candace

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You did not make them?!?!

Do you mind if I steal the idea for Easter at work? Amazing.


Barn House Antiques said...

These are amazing!!!

Katie said...

Ok, these are amazing! How perfect for Easter, I will definitely be giving those a go, thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

Ah, these are so interesting! Perfect thing to impress at Easter dinner!