Saturday, March 17, 2012

Interview with My Vintage Hat Shop {tips on dating vintage hats!}

I often get asked where I find my vintage hats and while there are many places you can find them, I've always had luck with one particular etsy store: MyVintageHatShop
Here's an interview I did with Tammy about finding, collecting and owning vintage hats!

Tell us a bit about yourself
Hello! My name is Tammy. I have been buying, selling and collecting vintage clothing since 1999. I also have a large collection of vintage catalogs, magazines and mannequins. My prize possession is Lillian my wax milliner's mannequin from the early 1900's.
I am the costumer for a couple of Hollywood based plays.

I am also a member of the Vintage Etsy Team. I am based in Orange County, CA

What attracted you to selling vintage, particularly vintage hats?

I started selling vintage clothing because of ebay. But I started wearing it in the 80's when I was a teenager. I didn't like the current styles. So I dressed in 50's clothes. I got interested in hats mainly because of a book called Vintage Hats and Bonnets. I just find them interesting. Each is a work of art.

Do you have a collection yourself? Do you have a favourite hat you’ve sold or owned?
My collection currently holds about 250 hats. 1870's to 1960's. My favorite hat is one I have from the 1870's that is also up for sale (see below)


How do you store and organise your hats?
I organize my hats by era. It especially helps me when it comes to costuming.

How do you go about dating vintage hats? Are there any key points to remember regarding different eras?

Good resources for dating vintage hats and clothing for that matter, are old magazines and catalogs. As you start to learn about vintage hats you don't need to go to the resources quite as much.

Some pointers to remember when dating hats:

Most pre 1930's hats have a lining that had the shop's or milliner's name stamped on it.

 Or a drawstring style lining

Most 30's, 40's and 50's hats had a grosgrain ribbon inside that functioned as a sweatband and most had a tag that stated the size along with a label.

A lot of 40's hats have some kind of loop, ribbon or flap to help hold them on

If you see the blue eagle NRA label the hat dates to 1933-1935 only.

A lot of 50's hats have prongs or inside wiring to help hold it to the head.
Do you have any tips or advice for buying vintage hats? The only tip I have if you're a collector is buy what you like! I just buy what makes me happy :)

Finally, would you consider offering a discount to my readers? I can offer a 20% discount. Coupon code 20PERCENT

Thank you so much Tammy! I really enjoyed learning more about vintage hats, who knew about the blue eagle sign? Plus browsing your shop is always a pleasure!

That's all folks!
Do you have a favourite place to find vintage hats? Or any tips on storing or dating vintage hats?


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oh, good work, Dolly, this is a fantastic post. But HOW can one sell their favourite hat? *looks perplexed* I am going to add her etsy store to my favs.

I have enrolled in a short intensive course to learn how to make vintage-style half-hats and headbands, from the base to the trimmings. I'm VERY FREAKING EXCITED.

MistressCatgirl said...

This is an awesome post! I love learning new things about vintage items.

Grace said...

Thanks to Tammy for sharing her secrets.

Mary Robak said...

Wonderful blog story about Tammy who is a knowledgeable hat collector, and reputable hat seller. She has joined a Facebook group of folks interested in hats, Mad Hatters Society;
Anyone can check us out and join the fun. New milliners and old collectors alike are sharing info about hats. There is even a hat making contest still open for entries through April 1. All of us are seeing a reawakening of interest in hats, from the runway to Target, and especially Etsy! The diverse group was started by Brenda Grantland, who was my first Etsy customer for hats and then writing partner about hats in an ebook, Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love vintage hats, but I have no idea how to get them on. Especially if they require a hat pin. Someone at work brought in an awesome box of vintage hats on the day of the Royal Wedding and we all wore hats in spirit of the wedding. Anyway I had to wear this cute, but not the one I wanted, cab driver hat, because the one I wanted required a hat pin :( lol

Mabel Time

cindy-the vintage hat shop said...

A very informative and classy blog post! I love Tammy's taste in hats and also the Lillian mannequin. Thanks for sharing.

Smoofy said...

So I was cruising Google for some information to help me with a hat project I am working when I came across your page. In particular the photo at the top of this page...

After NOT finding what I was looking for, and being distracted for so long at the photos of you dressed in vintage clothing from a variety of time periods I had to write something.

Thank you for the distraction, you are an extremely beautiful woman and you wear the vintage clothing so well that I believe you might have been born in the wrong time period.

Once again thank you :)
Good Luck

An Admirer

Kevin Brown said...

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