Thursday, March 22, 2012

Out and about {more from the Masquerade}

A real polaroid! (well... a real polaroid scan... )

 I always like seeing fellow bloggers post about parties they've been to or times out with friends, so I thought I might share some photos that have been surfacing from a few 21st's that I was lucky enough to celebrate!
Also, hello to any new readers! Thanks so much for stopping by!

 Out to dinner. I'm not sure why I look so suspicious, maybe because of all the salad left on my plate...
Wearing a Forever New dress and a 1920's velvet coat

 With one of the lovely birthday girls at her Masquerade!

vintage suit possibly a band uniform found at Canterbury vintage fair



w.s said...

so so pretty :)

Miss Maple said...

Dear Sarah, I love having parties too. Last time we had a St.Patrick's Day party at our house with everyone wearing green clothes and everyone bringing green food. It was so much fun. Maybe you want to have a quick look.

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I don't have any friends lol

Mabel Time

Miss Maple said...

I want to add that I love your glorious wire spectacles. I've never seen such a creative idea before. Best wishes from Miss Maple