Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tartan-tastic {Old Hat's Vintage Highland Fling!}

Ahoy-hoy lovelies!
Have I got a treat for you today! You may have heard me mention the up-and-coming vintage society Old Hat; created out of a mutual adoration of vintage and an envy of The Vintage Mafia and The Chap's good times.  Earlier in the week I was delighted to attend one of their monthly events, this time a tartan themed highland fling!
The inspiration for my look was a Downton Abbey hunting trip meets a chance to debut my new winged hat! Enjoy!
The hat I've dreamt of for so long! 

 The Old Hatters!

 Michelle from Ravishing Retro and I

 A blurred hint of the night

 Me and my chap!

 There was an astounding number of Tartan capes, it was sublime! My geeky side couldn't resist referring to the five of us as The Caped Crusaders!
(In the deep blue cape is Emma from Emma aime another Sydney blogger)

I wore...
shoes - DFO (years ago)
1970's ribbed stockings - from my mother
tweed skirt - Lifeline op shop
tartan vest - gift from my man's mother (her own when she was younger)
blouse - Portmans (years ago)
hat - etsy At Home In Napa, dated perhaps around the 1920's
tartan cape - my mother's from Scotland
gloves - Alannah Hill discount outlet

Home again (to the left are pictures of my grand-mother and grand-father in their uniforms, to the right are pictures of my father and uncle as children)

Excuse the excess of photos, I am just really excited to have something to share with you all after my blogging hiatus! (If you'd like to see more, I'll be posting them on my facebook page. Also if you feel you'd like more detail on something in particular, just request it and I'll try to source the photos out and post them here) It really was a wonderful night, my only qualm was that I simply didn't have enough time to talk to everyone there! So, for those I did talk to, thank you for a magnificent time and for those I missed, I look forward to monopolising you at the next Old Hat gathering!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Inspired by Bettie Page

Inspired by Bettie Page at the wonderful Candace's 21st!
The theme was "Moes and Manes" - a famous male or female recognisable by their hair or moustache. What do you think of my interpretation? Thigh-high fetish boots included!

Practicing my caning skills... (with Charlie Chaplin's cane infact!)

With Simba: the "mane" event.
 (Get it?? Huh? Huh? Any Lion King fans out there?)
lingerie - Dita's Von Follies collection for Target, the over-wire bra in black
top - Myer
skirt - bought from Dangerfield
patent leather boots - Canterbury Vintage fair '11