Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easy vintage hairstyles?

Readers, I'd love your opinion! Are there any no-fuss vintage hairstyles or haircuts?
Something that looks stylish but is not time-consuming?
Vintage flair for those who lack the time for perfect hair?
Any era or length welcome!

I'd be thrilled to hear of your own personal experience! Maybe you found an extremely quick cut? Or maybe you discovered one that looked simple but was actually a time snatcher?

I've got my own opinions, but I'd love to see what others think. In all honesty, I normally don't mind putting in the extra hours to create the perfect look, but there are times in life when that's simply not possible. With all our combined knowledge I plan to put together a post collaborating everyone's opinions and sharing the tips to success!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dancing in the dark (part 2)

I was so caught up hosting my 21st last year that I didn't actually take many pictures. However, some photos from my friends surfaced around christmas and in all the chaos I forgot to post them. Until now...
 Opening my presents!

 A photo showing off the dress, as some of you requested.  (You can see an odd video of me spinning around in it here) Plus my lovely friends who made the night for me!
Being spoilt with gifts!

Showing off my new swimmers!

 Masterchef : P

And so... I hope you enjoyed my very belated 21st birthday pictures!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old Hat picnic!

Before I begin, a huge thank you to like johnny and june for taking all the photos in this post and for kindly allowing me to use them! All credit goes to those two! Check out her post on the picnic!

Renata from Hepcat Vintage at her first Old Hat event, so glad she made it! I wish I had a picture of her dress, it has the best tulip pockets!

That's Michelle from Ravishing Retro on the left.
The delightful Regan and I, pulling what I like to call our "Disgruntled Turtle" faces. (Don't ask why...)

I wore a 1940's suit (skirt pictured) with a Target top and Melissa plastic shoes.

Feeding the birds...

Or to be more accurate...
Feeding the eels!! See that swirl in the water, below my hand? That's the eels!!! Yep!
For more photos of the whole event check out my facebook page!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy birthday to my chap

Today is my chap's 22nd birthday!
And while it is certainly a chance to celebrate the many wonderful things that have happened in his life (and the many more to come), for me, it's a chance to celebrate having him in my life.
We've been dating for quite a few year (as the shocking photo below will demonstrate) and I can honestly say that I love him unequivocally.
 Together we've had some wonderful times, but I think it's the day-to-day occurrences that make me adore him so. He is one of the kindest people I know, he is ever so sweet and he knows how to laugh.
And in an utterly selfish way, one of the things I love most about him is that he makes me who I want to be. He makes me happy.
I love you mr, Happy Birthday!

And now onto some flash photography...

Oh my....
Oh no...

I provide this purely to you as a form of entertainment to offset the mush above.
But, oh no.
Here we are in early '07, a few months after we'd started dating.

For the record, it was a James Bond themed sweet-sixteen, hence the garter, the gun and the exorbitant amount of leg! (I was trying to seduce 007 with my leg, okay?? A perfectly reasonable explanation...)
And here we are a few weeks ago, I think we've matured quite nicely! Like a fine wine... or strawberry lime cider...

What did you think of me back in the day?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

High Tea with Old Hat

Hi pickles,
This week has been quite exciting featuring a pique-nique with the charming folks from Old Hat (photos soon to come hopefully). I must say, I've come to really look forward to our gatherings!
If you're in Sydney, please feel free to join us on our next outing. Sure it can be a little intimidating to be the newcomer, but trust me, it's also a lot of fun!
Segue into my latest post...
Smooth Sarah, very smooth.
Why, thank you ol' chap.

Way back in December (simultaneously so long ago and  yet "just the other day") I attended my first Old Hat event, a high tea at the Sydney Antiques Centre.
 Not only was it a delight to window-shop many stunning vintage goods, but it was a chance to talk to like-minded folk and meet some truly amazing people.
 Thank you to Delphina for providing all these lovely photos!

Spot any familiar faces?

Shoes - Betts
1950's dress - Betty Barclay from Canterbury Vintage Fair
Belt - gift
Hat - etsy

Michelle from Ravishing Retro looks, well, ravishing and retro! 

The lovely Delphina and Matthew, isn't it nice to see a dapper gentleman? Plus the black and white stripes look superb!

 Jesse from Like Johnny and June, Michelle from Ravishing Retro, Molly from Molly-made and, well, me (right to left)

Are you part of a vintage society? Do tell! (perhaps we can merge them all together and form a vintage united front, Avengers style!)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brunch and misc.

So if you've been wondering where I've been as of late, here are just some random photos to give you an idea...
I've been hugging deers.
I've been wearing big sunnies.
I've been out in the winter sun.
I've been making my first batch of home-made marshmallows! They are so much better than store bought!
I've been brunching.
I've been wondering why it has taken me this long to try a baked brie! It is gooey, sensuous heaven! Cheese lovers of the world unite! (recipe from The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree)
I've been patting my dog.
I've been trying to laugh.
I've had one of the best moments of my year, swinging in a hammock with friends.



*Hi there, this is just a piece of writing about how I've been feeling lately. I do not expect everyone to read it, certainly not those who've come here primarily for vintage fashion, but it felt cathartic to write and share (regardless of whether it's read or not). To those who are knew to my blog, thank you so much for stopping by and I assure you I'll return to vintage in my next few posts. Thank you*

Aside from holidaying and general busyness, the reason I have been away from blogging has been fear.

Fear that I will not complete what I want, will not achieve the goals I have set, will not have lived the way I want to live.

It is not a fear specific to blogging, nor even writing in particular, though I guess that’s what has brought it on.

This year marks my fourth year at uni and as it is, my honours year. I’m expected to create a thesis, 15 thousand words of something meaningful and impressive. Something that I can study for a year and something I, alone, can create.

But I can’t. I am paralysed with indecision and emptiness; and with that I am full of fear.

I work at a retirement village, it is my first and only job, one that I have keep for over six years and I like it, I really do.  Sure, the primary reason I have it is to pay the rent so to speak, but I do find joy in it besides the money. I really like talking to the residents about their lives. I like learning their names, their perks and quirks and I like hearing about their day. I like thinking I make a difference (even if it’s a small one) by smiling and laughing with them each week. I like learning from them.

But, as to be expected, there are quite a few sad and unavoidable things that come with working at an aged care facility.

Though I do not work in high-care (like a nursing home, yes there is a difference) some people who live here do suffer dementia, some Alzheimer’s, some Parkinson’s, some suffer from different types of depression, anxiety or disorders. Quite a few have physical disabilities.

But, I want to be clear. Despite all of this, the village is a mostly a happy place. It is not a cage where the elderly are hidden away. It is not a prison or a cuckoo’s nest. It is their home, just like yours. What makes these people incredible is that they don’t focus on what they lack or the problems they have. They do not focus on the years they have lost. They do not dwell on what makes them unhappy. They just live like the rest of us; better than most of us really!

But yes, there are some sad things.

And yes, some people die here.

But this is not what I fear, really.

I mean yes, it does terrify me. Death, dying is terrifying, but I think the reason I’m so petrified is that I will die having completed nothing.

I avoid thinking about it. I concentrate on frivolities, like fashion and current trashy television. I rigorously follow the plots of several dramas, comedies and crime shows. I fill my day with chores, errands, meaningless nothings, but nothings which feel important enough at the time. And when the fear nibbles my toes, I pull them tight up into my bed and hug the sheets till my fear melts into the shadows unable to reach me.

But my fear is there, and it is furiously strong. Strong enough to wake me up in a sweat, so that my panting wakes my partner in worry. Strong enough to chill me while I wait for a coffee and overhear another person’s ambitious plans. Strong enough to make me write about it, again and again. Editing. Always editing, hopelessly wishing I could edit my life too.

And it reaches me at the most unexpected times. On the train, in public; I strangle my tongue so my tears aren’t noticed by the stranger’s backs across from me.

I ask, what to do?

I ask it again and again and again. As a question, as a plea, as a silent prayer and as a resignation.

What can I do?

What do I do?


I do not want to finish incomplete.

And as my deadline for a thesis steadily draws nearer, the only thing that is clear is that I cannot do nothing.