Thursday, May 10, 2012

High Tea with Old Hat

Hi pickles,
This week has been quite exciting featuring a pique-nique with the charming folks from Old Hat (photos soon to come hopefully). I must say, I've come to really look forward to our gatherings!
If you're in Sydney, please feel free to join us on our next outing. Sure it can be a little intimidating to be the newcomer, but trust me, it's also a lot of fun!
Segue into my latest post...
Smooth Sarah, very smooth.
Why, thank you ol' chap.

Way back in December (simultaneously so long ago and  yet "just the other day") I attended my first Old Hat event, a high tea at the Sydney Antiques Centre.
 Not only was it a delight to window-shop many stunning vintage goods, but it was a chance to talk to like-minded folk and meet some truly amazing people.
 Thank you to Delphina for providing all these lovely photos!

Spot any familiar faces?

Shoes - Betts
1950's dress - Betty Barclay from Canterbury Vintage Fair
Belt - gift
Hat - etsy

Michelle from Ravishing Retro looks, well, ravishing and retro! 

The lovely Delphina and Matthew, isn't it nice to see a dapper gentleman? Plus the black and white stripes look superb!

 Jesse from Like Johnny and June, Michelle from Ravishing Retro, Molly from Molly-made and, well, me (right to left)

Are you part of a vintage society? Do tell! (perhaps we can merge them all together and form a vintage united front, Avengers style!)


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Great blog title. You all look amazing.

Renata H said...

such a great post! Is it a little sad that I got so excited over the idea of a 'Vintage Avengers'?

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to have the photos after so long! Good times with Old Hat <3 Looking forward to seeing you at the next soirée, eel-charmer.


Peachy Keen said...

Everyone looks amazing! Major dress envy over here.


Maja said...

Oh how pretty you look. That dress is just perfect.

Jessica Cangiano said...

You look so lovely and sweet - I especially like how you wore your hair all to one side like that. Definitely one for the inspiration file :)

Wishing you a gorgeous weekend,
♥ Jessica

Miss Maple said...

Love your dress. So elegant.

Tasha said...

Sadly no, I'm really off in my own vintage universe. lol

The photos look great, you all are so well dressed. I love it!