Monday, June 18, 2012

Vintage video chat?

Hello readers!
Question time:
Would you be interested in a live vintage video chat? Featuring myself (and hopefully some other vintage bloggers) where you can chat and ask questions to those on screen?
I imagine it being like a virtual vintage society, where we get together to discuss various inspirations and topics, perhaps even hold a friendly debate or two. The general agendas of each video chat could be decided beforehand, giving us a chance to research and get out thoughts straight before delving into vintage discussion. As a viewer, you'd have to chance to ask questions and get immediate feedback as well as steer the conversation to where you'd like. So...
Would you be interested in a live vintage video chat? free polls 
Any opinions on this? Would this be something you'd like to participate in?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Coming home late

Let me first apologise profusely for my absence. I'm in the thick of honours essay madness. Now let me distract you with some pictures!
Being a bit of a bafflehead (yes, bafflehead, I made it up) I forgot my camera at the last Old Hat soirée, luckily Michelle from Ravishing Retro took a few snaps! Check out her post on the event!

I wore an art-deco ostrich feather boa with a 1930's-40's lace illusion gown

 I made these chocolate-marshmallow tarts!

I love peplums!
I've been wearing this modern dress from Cue a lot lately, it's extremely warm and cosy.
 Excuse the odd face, but it's the only decent photo I have of this dress. 

 Family portrait at my sister's birthday celebration, can you spot me?

Close-up from my sister's birthday, I'm not sure what I'm doing with my hands... they have a life of their own in photos!

Playing around with one giant victory roll!

Wish me luck in my essays, once the holidays hit I look forward to bombarding you with many more post, tutorials, links and surprises...