Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fifties fair {part two}

I'm afraid this post is mostly pictures and few words because quite frankly, I've had enough of words lately! (Plus, that's the way... ah-huh ah-huh you like it, ah-huh ah-huh)
 I found this hilarious promotional recipe book! 
 I love that there are rules to enjoying mustard! My favourite rule is rule number 2!

I seem to have spun so fast I've lost half an arm... 

There are loads more photos, but I fear you've seen enough of my posing for a day!


Jessica Cangiano said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, flat out gorgeous! You + red is a definite winning combination, dear gal!

♥ Jessica

Hannah said...

You are so pretty as is the dress oh and the car hah xx

Stefanie said...

Absolutely beautiful. :)

Those are some tough rules for the Mustard Club.


elev1109 said...

you are the best twirler that I ever did see!! or perhaps it is the dresses you choose? I've been told the graduation gown is quite good for twirling also!