Friday, October 26, 2012

Dealing with Stress

Hello there you wonderful gherkins,
The reason I haven't been around (and that my posts have been a little lack-lustre) is because I am in the final weeks of my university degree and along with some large serves of anxiety I have been given a substantial side-order of stress. While I am by no means an expert on dealing with tough times, I thought I would share what I've found to be the most beneficial techniques for me to reduce stress but still actually get something done.

  • Candles. This sounds rather strange but a deliciously scented candle on my desk has helped make my productive time a little less soul-destroying and a bit more fruity and fresh. Not only does it smell nice (duh!) it helps reinforce when I ought to be working and when I deserve a break. Lighting the candle signifies getting down to bussiness. (In a let's-write-something kind of way not in the Flight-of-the-Conchords kind of way... though candles are also nice for that too.... *shifty eyes*... anyways!) Here are two of my favourites:


  • Light. Sunlight that is! Getting outside and enjoying that good ol' melanoma-inducing sunlight is proven to lift spirits and quite frankly, though many of us love a porcelian complexion, it doesn't mean we should abandon our outdoory ways (after all no-one wants to be mistaken for a twi-hard). Go outside, get some vitamin D! Just try to avoid the hours with the hightest UV so before 11 and after 4pm.

  • Exercise. If you know me, you know I don't like exercise. It's not that I don't want to, it's not that I wont, I just don't get the kick out of it that some people do. I find it boring and quite frankly, if I had an hour to spare I'd rather watch the newest Downton Abbey/Bones/HIMYM/Grey's/Big Bang Theory/Castle/Sherlock/Black Books/Pushing Daisies/there-you-now-know-some-of-my-dirty-television-secrets-and-believe-me-I-could-go-on. However, for all my indifference and exercise annoyance we all know the benefits, we all know we need to be doing it and when you do you get that fun side-effect of being just a tad smug to anyone else who hasn't.
Plus if you are a particular pessimist like me, exercise has the added bonus of being something else to be angry at. No longer do you have to cringe at your poorly structured sentences or horrific grammar!! Refer your anger to that steel enemy: the cross trainer.

If you need extra incentive, try my top-secret strategy.
Pretend you are a superhero (or villian if that's your cup-o-tea) and kick some ass.
I call it... Avengersize.

In my head I am part Black Widow, part Aragorn, folded with 007 and sprinkled with a touch of Sherlock (Robert Downey Jr or Cumberbatch, whatever takes your fancy *cough both cough*)
  • Swear. I didn't use to curse much (I am a lady after all; A laaaaady!), then I started my honours course. This is not for everyone, but sometimes it does make you feel better.

Well, that's all from me for now, some of us have work we need to pretend to do.
Do you have tips for de-stressing?