Thursday, January 24, 2013

A few months on Instagram

 Caught up in real life, my blog has fallen behind. Here's some instagram shots to catch you up on my life. Above are my new old stock, black leather gloves.

Some good-hair days

Hexapuffs I've been busy knitting! Incredibly (or insanely) I've done over one-hundred!

Another vintage purchase, longing for a night out!


On Sydney's hottest day on record, off to the circus!

House-sitting treasures
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norafinds said...

Oh Sarah you pretty thing! You should do more modeling (if you haven't done already!)


Jessica Cangiano said...

Your hexpuffs are so adorable! They make me wish that sometimes you looked up in the sky and the clouds were multi-coloured and patterned like that. :)

♥ Jessica

Nicolette Hegyes said...

Everything is so gorgeous! Your hexapuffs are looking fantastic and your little black dress is so simple and elegant! Where did you find it?? xox

Nicolette Hegyes said...

P.s. is that peacock bangle the one we were admiring at the strand arcade evening??

Harlow Darling said...

Your good hair days are amazing, I can't believe how good you look on hot days! I turn into a melting mess :P