Sunday, February 17, 2013

Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

She returns, better than ever, with a glimmer of golden hope lighting a soul as tarnished as the black in the cape burdening her shoulders...

Or not...

Honestly I blame it on this 1950's set I recently purchased. It reminds me of the dresses a deviant dame would pour herself into before she settles back with a cold martini to watch her latest prey struggle in shark infested waters.
(Or something equally as menacing... perhaps sharks with lasers) 

Photo sourced from Youthstep Vintage

As it is most definitely a criminal's costume, here I am, trying my very best to look fierce.
Yeah gurl, that's right.

And you know, also smiley, because when I first wore it, it was my birthday! And I was in a cape and velvet, so you know, super-villains can't be all frowns.

dress : Showcase dress by DVT Muse
shoes : Betts (thrifted)
bag : gift from my chap (thrifted)
1950's cape : part of a set from Youthstep Vintage

I decided to debut the complete set at Old Hat's January social, where I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting fellow blogger Nora from NoraFinds
Follow the link to read all about her First Old Hat Experience and browse lots more photos!
(Again, If you are in Sydney I urge you to join us at an Old Hat event. They are fun, they are free and we are friendly!)

Why it's the delectable Nicolette and I! Photo kindly borrowed from NoraFinds 

 The above and below photos have been rudely stolen from atomic_tim and chimeraaa's instagram accounts (respectively)

Bye for now, with great capes comes great responsibility.