Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Graduate

 Hello you beautiful pickles, 
Turns out I ain't half bad because a few weeks ago I graduated from my Bachelor of Arts (Honours).
If I haven't told you enough times, let me tell you again, thank you for your support over the course of my degree. A kind comment here and there really does make all the difference! 
With the end of my degree comes some exciting news... at the bottom of this post... so now you'll have to keep reading... Ooh, so secretive.

Applying sunscreen in a somewhat suggestive manner... That's right, sun-safe is sexy. Umf, pasty really is the new black. (well that made little sense...)

Obligatory hat throwing shot

Clich├ęd photo of me "leaving the hallowed halls of university and taking my first big steps into the real world" which seems fairly just because, guess what, I'm heading to Europe!
Yep, that's my news! I'm visiting all over from England to Russia and all in between. 
If you have any advice for visiting Europe or favourite haunts please let me know in the comments! Even better, if you are an international vixen I would love to grab a coffee with you. I assure you, I don't bite and if I do, it's almost always into a cake.