Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dita's Von Follies collection for Myer

Dita Von Teese's second Australian lingerie collaboration debuted in mid-October with Myer. In explaining her shift to Myer, Dita stated that "Myer has really embraced the more distinctive and risque piece, so I really respect their sense of adventure and their belief in the collection. The line has evolved quite a bit since it's beginnings, and I've had much more freedom to create the kind of decadent lingerie I love to wear. The new collection capture the essence of retro glamour beautifully in a modern, wearable way."

There's been a move toward more wearable pieces, such as "Ingenue". Unlike her first collection, it's less cheesecake pin-up and more womanly charm. It's a bit more grown-up without being dull.

The quality of the lingerie has remained mostly the same, but the prices have slightly increased. Bras ranged from $50-75 and underwear $25-40 (which is outrageous for a g-string, am I right). Corsets and chemises average $145 and slips range between $85-115. So not a cheap purchase, but fairly equal to other mid-range lingerie lines. Unusually, this collection includes several slips in varying colours (a nice change from the boring beige).

Sheer Witchery longline corset

I think the quality has certainly improved for the chemises which are sturdy and if the price weren't so high I would have happily left with the Sheer Witchery longline corset. Elegantly understated, it provided a smooth foundation with great support, perfect for your holiday dress. However, I did think the hook-and-eye closure was a tad impractical and quite difficult to maneuver alone. Though it did make the corset delightful to strip out of. I liked that nearly every style had a few different bra options, from demi-cup, wireless, balconette, push-up or plunge. As an added bonus, if you bought a full set of lingerie you got a free lingerie bag to match! Thank you Dita!

Madame X

My pick of this collection is indisputably the Madame X lingerie set.
In her new perfume commercial, Dita wears Madame X and says she loves "strength and power in a woman" and that her fragrance is for both the "domina and the submissive" I think you could say the same about this lingerie set.

The lace has the slightest hint of violet adding some sheen and softening the blow of the black.

The Madame X suspender is exquisite and well above anything else you see in the Australian department stores. Thought it only boasts 4 suspender straps, the metal clips are attached with adjustable, sturdy elastic. The underwire bra fits well and the lace isn't too frou-frou to attract attention under your t-shirts. Meanwhile the wireless bra is both comfortable and alluring, the sexiest wire-free bra I've encountered! Importantly to me, the underwear wasn't just an expensive throw-away item. In this set it had as much attention to detail as the other pieces, with a sheer mesh back, satin and lace front, metal rings and adjustable waist-band. Comfortable and undeniably sexy.

Side by side comparison of the wirefree (top) and underwire (bottom) Madame X bra

Madame X bra: underwire (left), wirefree (right)

Since I bought my set, more styles and colours have become available, such as "Starlift" set in black. Though they weren't in store when I went, I am really impressed with the look of the "Savoir Fair" fitted chemises.

 It's great to see where Von Follies is heading. I'd definitely like to see Dita expand into pyjamas and lounge-wear. Hope you enjoyed my review. Let me know what you think of Von Follies!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Halloween and birthdays

The month began and ended with a High Tea

Supremely delicious snacks for the Opera House's 40th anniversary

Terrifying sky as the bush fires took their toll

Change of pace with short hair

Halloween (courtesy of Tim and Regan)


A 21st High Tea

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Hawk Walk

I've always been an avid animal fan. In my imaginary-dead-or-alive-celebrity dinner parties, Sir David Attenborough sits at the head of the table. So when I was investigating things to do in Bath, I couldn't go past the West of England Falconry Hawk Walk.
Worth it for the view of British countryside alone, the hawk walk was an excellent introduction to falconry. Surprisingly simple, it just the practice of letting the bird fly to the trees before returning to you, like a living boomerang! My bird for the day was Charlie the Harris Hawk, who was beautiful, playful but also surprisingly gentle. There are few things more stunning than watching a hawk circle the trees and then soar into your hands...or onto your shoulders... or on your head... 
A word to the wise, though I'd loved to have been decked out in tweed and tights, you will be called to walk through thickets and thistles, so it's best to wear some sturdy clothes and shoes. Also, you tempt the birds back to you with meaty treats, so just be aware of that if you are squeamish.
This was one of the highlights of my time in England, I thoroughly recommend it anyone.

And no, Charlie did not bite my finger.