Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New meets Old: Allannah Hill

Continuing my New meets Old series is Alannah Hill.

Quirky, feminine and fun. Allannah Hill makes great statement pieces. The accesorie range is renowned for its large range of headbands, scarfs and fascinators. Perfect if you desire to follow in Blair Waldorf's hallowed footsteps.

Frivolous and whimsical.
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Fashionista said...

Hello! I go into the Allanah Hill shop just to see what the assistants are wearing. They are all young, extremely slim and decked out head to toe in Allanah Hill and look fabulous. Much as I would love to recreate the aesthetic on me, I'm just a bit too old to carry it off :(

Jessica Cangiano said...

My word, that dress (and the whole outfit) that she's wearing in the pool is sublime. Want/love!!!!

♥ Jessica

Tanith said...

I am loving this series! It's so good to see the work of Australian designers, and some (so far, one, but I'm hoping for more) that I haven't heard of before. Thanks :)