Monday, January 20, 2014

New meets Old: Leona Edminston

Leona Edminston make extremely comfortable jersey dresses in a range of flattering styles. A mix of fashion forward and classics. Ideal for hot, humid summer days.
Here I am wearing two of my Leona Edminston dresses.

What do you wear when the weather gets unbearable?


Brooke F said...

I have a couple of Leona jersey dresses I picked for a song at op shops and they are soooo comfy. Fabulous for dressing up or down (or sweltering in!). You look stunning in your frocks.

Anonymous said...


I looooove my Leona dresses for travelling. But when the weather gets unbearable you will find me buck naked and not leaving the house ever.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Very, very lovely!!! Despite Canada's reputation for being a land of ice and snow (which we certainly are for about half the year), many locations (our part of the country very much included) get swelteringly warm in the summer, and when that happens. It's capris, airy (sometimes sheer with a cami underneath) blouses, and sundresses pretty much 24/7 - with straw hats and opened-toed sandals to keep the sun at bay and my toes a wee bit cooler.

♥ Jessica