Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Welcome to 2014 everyone! 
Last year was hectic and I don't predict 2014 will be any different, with new opportunities, new lessons to be learnt and new challenges. It should be anything but boring. I wish you all the best start to your new year. 
I have never been one for new years or resolutions but I suppose the beginning of a new calendar is as good a reason as any to make a few promises...
 I'd like to write once a day
Keep in touch with some special people
Plan my next big adventure

Do you have resolutions you want to keep or goals you want to achieve?
 Here's a few glimpses of the last of 2013.

An interesting necklace I've inherited from my Nanna

Trying chunky shoes from Miss L Fire 
(normally I'm a stiletto girl)

Purple produce from my garden

2013: the year of brooches! Many are from overseas and remind me of my travels.

A beautiful gift from my chap, passed down through his family. It marks 7 years together.



Jessica Cangiano said...

That ring is so sweetly, enchantingly pretty. I adore your brooches as well - total vintage jewelry swoon going on over here! :)

Tons of hugs & joyful wishes for the coming year, honey!

♥ Jessica

Charlotte said...

I love these photos!! You look absolutely adorable in the first one, I love your look!
Happy New Year!!